A sneak peak at my upcoming digital magazine launch

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Well needless to say I’m excited about my new digital magazine launch that is just around the corner. It will appear on the Apple iTunes Newsstand late Nov/early December.

It will be all about empowering entrepreneurs to build a great business, create an amazing life and enjoy the journey!

Great advice and how to’s from folks that are doing it, done it, love it!

Stay tuned!

Mike Koenigs latest Launch

2013-10-12 rocktoberfest 5308

I spent several days in San Diego with Mike Koenigs and hundreds of like-minded people a few weeks ago. We got a preview of his latest program that he launched this week with biz partner Ed Rush called Top Gun Toolkit.

It’s designed to take your consulting biz to mach speed and provides amazing technology tools that are second to none. One of the programs instantly creates a mobile website. Apparently most websites still are not mobile friendly. If you have a business you better make sure your site works on mobile devices.

get more info at topguntoolkit

King of Infomercials

2013-10-13 Rocktoberfest kevin h

I was at an amazing conference in San Diego and one of the key speakers was Kevin Harrington. Kevin basically pioneered the direct response and infomercial category starting back in the late 80’s.

He’s done over 4 billion in sales and a bunch of it was with Tony Little who is still rocking products and he is a billion dollar brand in his own right. How about George Forman, Jack Lalan

Kevin was on one of the original sharks on Shark Tank. Of his 175 appearances he did about 20 deals. He is Chairman of As Seen On TV which sells all infomercial products online and helped establish the Entrepreneurs Association and the Electronic Retailers Association.

Here’s Kevin’s 5 tips to follow in your business.

1. Develop the perfect pitch…30 seconds, 1 minute, and 2 min pitches
2. Publish…you need to have ownership of your niche
3. Productize…you have to unpack your unique value proposition
4. Publicity and profile…be everywhere
5. Create partnerships to help you succeed

Can you meditate?

Of course you can…but do you? It’s so nice to take a break, give your mind a rest, cut out the constant chatter and messages and distractions.

Initially I found it somewhat daunting but have learned over time and doing it consistently really makes a difference.

Chip Wilson of Lululemon and his wife Shannon have started a new business Whil.com They are convinced that we all could use some form of meditation and I’m excited to see where they are taking this.

Check out this vid on how to meditate in 60 seconds. Try it!

Shine those shoes!

A pet peeve of mine has always been scuffy shoes. Especially for casual or full-on business atire. Get it right guys!