How many times should you try.

Great infographic on persistence and how Entrepreneurs never give up.


this links to my quick artcile about it in E2mag

Contrasting pictures

Dark again already at 5 pm…it’s going to be a long winter here in the north. These photo’s were from facebook today. Sunny and bright New Zealand. Cloudy and stormy but probably still warm in Mexico. Iceburgs still here in Toronto.


storms a brewin

iceburg in the beach

Are New Years Resolutions BS?


So people have been making New Years resolutions for decades. How’s that been working for them? One word, TERRIBLE!

The number of folks that are actually able to start, implement and see through whatever resolutions they made at the start of the year is 8%. And a sincere congratulations to you if you are one of those 8%.

What happened to the other 92%. They failed. They gave up. They went back to status quo. They returned to their comfort zone. They weren’t really committed. That sucks!

What’s the excuse? Life got in the way? My intentions were good but? It was too hard? I’ll try again when the timing is better.

Let’s face it, this is a repeatable pattern that needs a new approach. It’s something that is required in all you do in business and life. And for the same reasons that some fail in their efforts to realize their general goals in life, having the intention or a resolution isn’t enough.

There are a number of leaders who are proposing a better way. It’s about creating rituals and habits in order to make the kind of changes you’d like to make. Robin Sharma who was featured in December issue of E2mag has been promoting this for a long time. And the other day I saw a video from Jeff Walker that if you have 5 minutes go take a look. Jeff is an unbelievable guy, very authentic and knows a thing or two about creating and getting things done and wrote the book about product launches. You’ll thank me for introducing you to him.

Since trying to get more exercise is one of the all-time favorite resolutions let’s examine why so many people fail.

Sure they start out with great intentions. in fact I see them all out there already in the two gyms I belong too. And on one hand I give them credit because they are making an effort: even though it’s now a little more inconvenient for me because it’s more crowded. But it won’t last and by the end of the month things will be back to normal. Why?, because it’s willy nilly. They won’t commit to a time. Life will get in the way. They will get a cold, or one of the kids will ( you can workout at home ).

Make a time..stick to it…if you have to bail re-schedule.
If you are a morning person do it then. It really sets up your day and it’s done.
Of course it would be nicer to stay in bed. But when you get there you are happy.
If you are not a morning person then do lunch, afternoon or evening…pick a time that will let you win.
Just get started…maybe a gym is not for you…maybe yoga…or simply start walking.
Maybe you need a push or a little help…check out nerd fitness
Can you work out with a buddy which helps commit to a time?
Do you need some instruction…book a personal trainer = help, plus again a commitment.
Lot’s of ways to create a routine.

Make it a habit. Make it a ritual. Incorporate it into your lifestyle. Enjoy it!

How many ways could we all make significant positive changes in our lives with this approach. Wouldn’t it be great if people stopped saying ” I’m not making any new years resolutions this year because I never keep them”.

Happy New Year