Canada’s Gold Medal Hockey

olympic gold

Well Canada secured it’s men’s gold medal Sunday morning. They beat the Swedes soundly while thousands of Canadians cheered loudly from their gathering places in the early hours. How they got there will be forgotten…more on that in a minute.

The women won their gold in much more dramatic fashion beating the US in overtime and having to score 2 goals in the dying minutes of the third period to send it to that overtime. The US was devastated.

What were the lessons?

Well the women just never gave up even when it looked bleak. Their coach was calm and kept them focused. They believed in themselves and just kept attacking. And the clutch players came up big as they usually do in these circumstances. It is no accident. They actually visualize getting the goal or making the play that makes the difference and then execute it.

And what about the men…the skilled NHL players. Well, they had been taking flack most of the games for not scoring. Sidney Crosby got his first goal in the gold medal game…the second and really insurance goal but it was important and that’s what he does. But the players and coaches were not worried about the lack of scoring. They were winning games. Their defence was awesome.The bigger ice surface traditionally yields less scoring…but the media and fans forgot about those things…they like goals. The team stayed it’s course and got the job done. They have the gold medal.

As entrepreneurs the lessons are simple…belief in yourself, putting your game-plan in place, playing right to the end like there’s no way you will accept defeat. Gold is sweet

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