Finally – Tony Robbins uncovers the keys to investing

tony robins

Tony gets access to the real investor strategies we need to know

And, he exposes what your financial advisors don’t want you to know.

It’s no secret that Tony Robbins has helped millions of people in the areas of personal development/motivation and he’s accumulated an impressive personal fortune in the process.

But he also puts his money and his efforts to good use too. In fact he’s feeding 50 million people on his own and partnering with others with a goal for 100 million.

The proceeds from his new book are going towards this cause.

Now he wants to educate us on how to manage our money.

I would encourage you to read/listen to Tony describe what’s in the book or just go buy it. It’s on offer in the US for just shipping and handling but here in Canada you’ll have to get it at the bookstore or kindle version.

I can’t wait to get mine. I have listened to interviews with Tony by Tim Ferris and another with Joe Polish and a group of folks who asked him questions. James Altucher has an interesting take on it as well.

Get it for yourself! Get it for your kids!

They don’t teach this shit in school 🙂