Brent McCord

Greetings and thanks for visiting my site.

I’m a Toronto boy who is passionate about business and life.

Out of school I embarked on a somewhat traditional climb through the corporate world and had a career spanning two decades with one of the best retailers in the world Shoppers Drug Mart. I moved around between Toronto, Vancouver and Seattle and traveled the world for both business and pleasure. As a merchant I developed a wide range of skill sets in merchandising, buying, marketing, store operations and of course sales.

In 1998 I found I could no longer resist the urge to go back to my more entrepreneurial roots that I had as a kid. I took the plunge and left the mother ship. I went into the golf business. I found myself developing programs for the golf professionals and selling TV shows, securing sponsorships for major championships, selling advertising for some golf publications and generally realized that I loved selling.

But I love retail too…it’s in my blood, so I started to partner with folks to develop product lines and/or represent products and get them positioned and ultimately placed in many of the top retailers in North America.

Being self-employed has allowed me to live a more integrated life and I have and continue to take and make the time to feed my mind, body and soul so as to lead my best life now! I have always believed that life is an adventure…let’s make it a good one!

I love the outdoors…you can often find me out biking, at the gym, playing golf, skiing, boating, doing yoga…being near the water is important to me and I have always found a way to either live on it or have it in sight.

So fitness and health…eating properly ( for the most part…cheat days allowed ) are high priorities. I’ve always believed you have to take responsibility yourself…I’m adverse to medication.

I am happy to have developed a more spiritual side over recent years…I would say yoga was a major factor in bringing that more purposely into my life. I utilize the breath, meditation, journaling and gratitude to help keep me centred.

I’m an avid reader…I have always read all the business books and magazines…and self help, fitness, health and sports. And of course with the internet and now the tablets and e-readers…it’s really fantastic.

In addition to my marketing consulting, I wanted to explore my own online business. So using my own experience, my love of business and the entrepreneurial spirit and the colliding of business, technology, information and a desire to live your best life, in 2014 I launched a digital magazine to empower entrepreneurs to do just that.

It is full of information, advice, how to’s for current, emerging and wanna be entrepreneurs who are eager to develop themselves and their businesses and enjoy the process and journey along the way.

I suspended production after 5 issues but I’ve got future plans for it down the road. The issues are still relevant and available for free on itunes.

I also developed another online business about yoga and yoga retreats…this is another business in development.

I have a new venture I’m working on in Health/Fitness and Wellness…again all about living your best life now and making transformations to ensure your future is even bigger than your past. Stay tuned!

Cheers, Brent