It’s a New Year !

I love January (except the weather)

So much excitement…new year, new possibilities, new goals, new habits and technology is just going to rip like never before.



Have you ever been to the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas? It starts tomorrow. I haven’t been for about 3 years and I’m itching to get back.

I mean guess who the keynote speakers is…Dieter Zetsche of Mercedes-Benz. Now why the head honcho of a car company? Well you ain’t seen nothing yet when you see how connected cars are becoming. They used to be at the show just to show off speakers and audio systems of various vendors. Now they are taking out their own booths and their product is a big part of the show.

You should check out the show here and get the news updates.

What else would you like to know about TECH for 2015?


Here’s a guy that knows…Peter Diamandis. In his latest post on Medium he talks about the 11 key technologies he sees moving from deceptive to disruptive this year.

1. Virtual Reality

2. Mass Market Robots

3. Autonomous Vehicles

4. Drones everywhere

5. Wireless Power and Chargers

6. Data and Machine Learning

7. Genome Sequencing

8. Sensor Explosion

9. Language-independent Interaction

10. 3-D printing

11. Bitcoin

Check out the article here.

Finally – Tony Robbins uncovers the keys to investing

tony robins

Tony gets access to the real investor strategies we need to know

And, he exposes what your financial advisors don’t want you to know.

It’s no secret that Tony Robbins has helped millions of people in the areas of personal development/motivation and he’s accumulated an impressive personal fortune in the process.

But he also puts his money and his efforts to good use too. In fact he’s feeding 50 million people on his own and partnering with others with a goal for 100 million.

The proceeds from his new book are going towards this cause.

Now he wants to educate us on how to manage our money.

I would encourage you to read/listen to Tony describe what’s in the book or just go buy it. It’s on offer in the US for just shipping and handling but here in Canada you’ll have to get it at the bookstore or kindle version.

I can’t wait to get mine. I have listened to interviews with Tony by Tim Ferris and another with Joe Polish and a group of folks who asked him questions. James Altucher has an interesting take on it as well.

Get it for yourself! Get it for your kids!

They don’t teach this shit in school ūüôā


How would you like to end up on Necker Island?

Now this would be a very cool contest to win!



Shopify is running this contest where you build your store on their platform, develop your sales and marketing plan over 8 months and the winners get all expense private jet charter to Bransons Necker Island and hang with him and Daymond, Marie, Tim and Seth Godin (not pictured).

Makes me want to get back in the product business and run a little test online. This would be a dream trip and mentoring experience for anyone!

I tip my hat to Shopify for drumming this one up! Here’s the deets to check it out.

Do you like watching webinars?


darren-hardygenius networkI¬†admit…I’m a bit of a webinar freak. I mean it’s not unusual for me to do 2-4 webinars in a week. Now if I’m really interested and want to interact then I watch them live. If not or I have a conflict then I just sign up anyway and wait for the replay. The replay is more productive because you can fast forward.

I just posted a review of two webinars I was on yesterday over on my blog at Empowered Entrepreneur. They were with Darren Hardy of Success Magazine and Joe Polish of the Genius Network.

Check them out over on the blog

10xtalks and growing your business on this anti-hump-day


My anti-hump-day newsletter is out over on the E2mag site.

here’s whats over there:

  • 10xtalks podcast with Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish…awesome info for your biz
  • a video of Richard Branson on his private Necker Island
  • Some good info regarding #hashtags
  • Facebook marketing expert Amy Porterfield

head on over and check it out

Check out this post from Peter Diamandis on Whats App


In February of this year, Facebook’s $19B acquisition of mobile messaging platformWhatsApp¬†set a record for the¬†largest software acquisition of all time. It set the value of WhatsApp at more than Sony Corporation.

Last week, the 5-year-old startup¬†broke¬†yet another impressive record —¬†64 BILLION messages processed in 24 hours. To give you some perspective, that is 10 times the amount sent in the entire US text message industry in one day.¬†That is just insane!

I wanted to share this story with you to discuss 3 key observations:

1) 6 D’s Update – Disruptive and Demonetizing the wireless communications industry:¬†WhatsApp is a $1-per-year service with 465M users. These users are sending 20B messages and receiving 44B messages every day. WhatsApp is both disrupting and demonetizing the entire wireless industry, and now the Facebook acquisition provides the infrastructure needed for WhatsApp to begin offering voice calls. So instead of people paying on average $80 per month, users only have to pay $1 per year for the same services. Wireless carriers, beware. This shift could disrupt more than $100B in annual wireless revenues.

Continue Reading →

Special outsourcing April issue of Empowered Entrepreneur is now live on itunes

E2 issue 3 ipad

This is a great issue for entrepreneurs where I interview Chris Ducker who runs Virtual Staff Finder over in the Phillipines and he employs over 300 VA’s or virtual assistants. They work for people around the world providing business services to help you grow your business. It’s about taking away the time consuming tasks, the ones’s you don’t like to do, shouldn’t be doing or can’t do, and getting them done in a cost effective manner leaving you time to work more on the product/service/marketing/sales side of your business.

check this issue out now

A sneak peak at my upcoming digital magazine launch

E2 logo

Well needless to say I’m excited about my new digital magazine launch that is just around the corner. It will appear on the Apple iTunes Newsstand late Nov/early December.

It will be all about empowering entrepreneurs to build a great business, create an amazing life and enjoy the journey!

Great advice and how to’s from folks that are doing it, done it, love it!

Stay tuned!

Mike Koenigs latest Launch

2013-10-12 rocktoberfest 5308

I spent several days in San Diego with Mike Koenigs and hundreds of like-minded people a few weeks ago. We got a preview of his latest program that he launched this week with biz partner Ed Rush called Top Gun Toolkit.

It’s designed to take your consulting biz to mach speed and provides amazing technology tools that are second to none. One of the programs instantly creates a mobile website. Apparently most websites still are not mobile friendly. If you have a business you better make sure your site works on mobile devices.

get more info at topguntoolkit