Are you Abundance minded?


So much negativity in the news these days. I guess it’s what gets the readers, makes the headlines. It kinda sucks.

What if we all concentrated on the more positive things that are going on in the world. The things that amazing people are doing who do not let fear, doubt or especially – “you can’t do that” even enter their minds.

Well Peter Diamandis of Xprize fame and Abundance360 is creating a weekly video series to bring forward all these great things.

Check out this short vid where he explains what he’s doing:


Gratitude – what a gift


This is a photo I took from my deck the other morning. It’s so cool that I have figured out how to make my own picture quotes. You can do it in powerpoint or keynote easily.

I had recently penned an article that will appear in a couple of days in my E2magazine about gratitude.

One of my best buddies Kevin recently lost his Dad very suddenly. It was a week before he was to arrive in Vancouver…the funeral was last weekend…very tough loss for him.

Yesterday was spent in reflection and remembering a good friend of mine who passed away last week as well. His funeral and then celebration was yesterday.

Dougie passed suddenly while playing volleyball. Obviously it was a shock. Only days before we had played, BBQ’d and thrown sticks in the water for his black lab Romeo.

It’s a tremendous loss for his family, friends and all who met him. There were 100’s at the church yesterday…this was a man that was truly loved. And certainly a huge reason for that was his positive attitude, the way he treated people and the way you felt good when you were around him. It was a wonderful service and then a celebration of his life was held after at the balmy beach club overlooking the lake and volleyball courts where he loved to be. Our mutual friend Brett had some great words and insight into Dougie for the guests at the Balmy and those who spoke at the church were very good too.

I felt sadness yesterday but also gratitude for having know Dougie. It reminds you to make sure you express your gratitude to the people you know and love.

On that note, you can check out my article below.

God Bless Tony and Dougie.

see the post here

Can you meditate?

Of course you can…but do you? It’s so nice to take a break, give your mind a rest, cut out the constant chatter and messages and distractions.

Initially I found it somewhat daunting but have learned over time and doing it consistently really makes a difference.

Chip Wilson of Lululemon and his wife Shannon have started a new business They are convinced that we all could use some form of meditation and I’m excited to see where they are taking this.

Check out this vid on how to meditate in 60 seconds. Try it!