Mindvalley comes to Toronto !

I am extremely excited to announce that I am bringing Mindvalley to Toronto as a Master Certified Trainer.

Are you ready to Become Extraordinary?

How about Becoming Limitless!

Can you imagine your life filled with limitless possibilities, passion, and purpose! Where your mind is clear and focused on creating your dream life…the one you know you were meant to live.


Mindvalley is a global education and learning experience company that attracts a tribe of like-minded visionaries, rebels, conscious creators and those that recognize the importance of all the important areas of life that traditional schooling forgot to teach you!

Ultimately the mission is to create a school of growth and humanity for 1 billion people!

Through our digital content platforms, online academy, mobile apps, live events and tribe memberships; we give you access to world class authors/teachers and the transformational knowledge that will empower you to expand your boundaries and unleash your true potential to live that extraordinary life on your own terms!

Here in Toronto, I will be facilitating various activities that will bring the overall Mindvalley experience to the local community.

These will include:

  • local meetups
  • social gatherings
  • workshops/seminars
  • webinars
  • live events
  • speaking
  • coaching

If this sounds good to you, see the sign-up box to the left…input your email…join our tribe and get notified of upcoming events.

Can’t wait to get this community of awesome souls rocking!

For more information click MindvalleyToronto


James Altucher – new book and report



I’ve been signed up to James blog for sometime now. This guy cracks me up…and he’s smart as hell. He’s got books and podcasts and is an idea man.

Serious street smarts and it would take me way to long to give you the background if you’ve never heard of him. I’ll let you check that out on your own and it’s partly why I’m posting this.

What I will say is that he’s made and lost millions many times…he’s bought, sold, lost and acquired more and varied business at 46 than most people will in a lifetime.

His posts come from the heart and his candid advice always is about what he believes or what worked or didn’t work for him. You may not agree and it may not work for you. No problem.

I liked his book Choose Yourself and I don’t even feel a need to explain the title. His recent book is Choose Yourself for Wealth. Love this book.

James has started the Altucher Report and it’s a subscription based newsletter with lots of bonuses. The new book was a bonus with sign up and is the premise of the report. There are other book bonuses and I’m looking forward to the monthly newsletter.

I want to give you the highlights of what I gleaned from the book, but I suggest you buy it or get it with the report. I have nothing to gain but I thought it was 39.00 well spent so far!

  • ideas are linked to creating wealth
  • come up with 10 ideas every day ( see Claudia’s {his wife} book also w report )
  • ideas create seeds of abundance
  • get 1% better each week
  • give to your network
  • embrace his daily practice – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual
  • choose yourself with peace, abundance and gratitude
  • make your own choices or someone else will make them for you
  • watch comedians for tips on speaking
  • forget the excuses
  • validate yourself through your work
  • show people what saying yes will look like for them
  • write everyday
  • invest in yourself and your ideas…if they make sense (they all won’t – but you knew that)

Of course I could go on and on but the back stories and real life examples and his look towards 7 trends for the future I think are spot on. It’s interesting to get his perspective. if you read my posts here or on my E2mag site you’ll see I’m always quoting Peter Diamandis because he’s really got his pulse on the future too.

If you want to learn more about James and/or sign up for his blog or see about the report then check him out James Altucher or the Altucher Report

Canada’s Gold Medal Hockey

olympic gold

Well Canada secured it’s men’s gold medal Sunday morning. They beat the Swedes soundly while thousands of Canadians cheered loudly from their gathering places in the early hours. How they got there will be forgotten…more on that in a minute.

The women won their gold in much more dramatic fashion beating the US in overtime and having to score 2 goals in the dying minutes of the third period to send it to that overtime. The US was devastated.

What were the lessons?

Well the women just never gave up even when it looked bleak. Their coach was calm and kept them focused. They believed in themselves and just kept attacking. And the clutch players came up big as they usually do in these circumstances. It is no accident. They actually visualize getting the goal or making the play that makes the difference and then execute it.

And what about the men…the skilled NHL players. Well, they had been taking flack most of the games for not scoring. Sidney Crosby got his first goal in the gold medal game…the second and really insurance goal but it was important and that’s what he does. But the players and coaches were not worried about the lack of scoring. They were winning games. Their defence was awesome.The bigger ice surface traditionally yields less scoring…but the media and fans forgot about those things…they like goals. The team stayed it’s course and got the job done. They have the gold medal.

As entrepreneurs the lessons are simple…belief in yourself, putting your game-plan in place, playing right to the end like there’s no way you will accept defeat. Gold is sweet

save your devices battery life


This weeks anti-hump-day newsletter helps you get more life out of your iphone and ipad and other musings to help you in business and in life. read it all here

The Resource issue for Entrepreneurs is live


The Feb/March issue is available on the newsstand and is choc full of links to some of the best people and resources to help you build your business. There’s over 100 links to the people and content that will get you thinking about how to maximize your results. Sure there will be things you already knew about, but I’m sure you’ll find a few nuggets in there. Maybe a book you will want to read. A new podcast to listen to. A new email list to opt-in to. Maybe you will start to think about using video in your marketing. Truly we are all publishers and can be broadcasters now. Certainly videos are on my list to add to my offerings here at E2mag and I’m looking forward to getting that started.

Enjoy this issue!

How many times should you try.

Great infographic on persistence and how Entrepreneurs never give up.


this links to my quick artcile about it in E2mag

Contrasting pictures

Dark again already at 5 pm…it’s going to be a long winter here in the north. These photo’s were from facebook today. Sunny and bright New Zealand. Cloudy and stormy but probably still warm in Mexico. Iceburgs still here in Toronto.


storms a brewin

iceburg in the beach

Are New Years Resolutions BS?


So people have been making New Years resolutions for decades. How’s that been working for them? One word, TERRIBLE!

The number of folks that are actually able to start, implement and see through whatever resolutions they made at the start of the year is 8%. And a sincere congratulations to you if you are one of those 8%.

What happened to the other 92%. They failed. They gave up. They went back to status quo. They returned to their comfort zone. They weren’t really committed. That sucks!

What’s the excuse? Life got in the way? My intentions were good but? It was too hard? I’ll try again when the timing is better.

Let’s face it, this is a repeatable pattern that needs a new approach. It’s something that is required in all you do in business and life. And for the same reasons that some fail in their efforts to realize their general goals in life, having the intention or a resolution isn’t enough.

There are a number of leaders who are proposing a better way. It’s about creating rituals and habits in order to make the kind of changes you’d like to make. Robin Sharma who was featured in December issue of E2mag has been promoting this for a long time. And the other day I saw a video from Jeff Walker that if you have 5 minutes go take a look. Jeff is an unbelievable guy, very authentic and knows a thing or two about creating and getting things done and wrote the book about product launches. You’ll thank me for introducing you to him.

Since trying to get more exercise is one of the all-time favorite resolutions let’s examine why so many people fail.

Sure they start out with great intentions. in fact I see them all out there already in the two gyms I belong too. And on one hand I give them credit because they are making an effort: even though it’s now a little more inconvenient for me because it’s more crowded. But it won’t last and by the end of the month things will be back to normal. Why?, because it’s willy nilly. They won’t commit to a time. Life will get in the way. They will get a cold, or one of the kids will ( you can workout at home ).

Make a time..stick to it…if you have to bail re-schedule.
If you are a morning person do it then. It really sets up your day and it’s done.
Of course it would be nicer to stay in bed. But when you get there you are happy.
If you are not a morning person then do lunch, afternoon or evening…pick a time that will let you win.
Just get started…maybe a gym is not for you…maybe yoga…or simply start walking.
Maybe you need a push or a little help…check out nerd fitness
Can you work out with a buddy which helps commit to a time?
Do you need some instruction…book a personal trainer = help, plus again a commitment.
Lot’s of ways to create a routine.

Make it a habit. Make it a ritual. Incorporate it into your lifestyle. Enjoy it!

How many ways could we all make significant positive changes in our lives with this approach. Wouldn’t it be great if people stopped saying ” I’m not making any new years resolutions this year because I never keep them”.

Happy New Year

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