Introduction to E2mag


Welcome Empowered Entrepreneur Magazine!

e2-logoThanks for stopping by. I have suspended production of the magazine for now but the current issues are still relevant and free on itunes.

As the title might suggest, we are all about empowering current and emerging entrepreneurs to live their best life now.We intend to be the place for like-minded people, a community or tribe (as Seth Godin so eloquently describes) who are eager to develop themselves and their businesses and really enjoy the process and journey along the way.

It’s likely that you are a new or mid-stage entrepreneur who is experiencing the many challenges that we all face.You may be employed but unfulfilled and looking to break free and use your expertise in your own venture or simply become a better more entrepreneurial self. And for young people, the educational system still has a long way to go in providing the life and business skills necessary for entrepreneurship. How would you like to learn from people who are doing it?

Brent McCord

Our goal, our mission, is to bring to you experts who will provide insight, the stories, the how to’s, inspiration, motivation and mindset that encourages you to take massive action and pursue your own goals and dreams.Within this digital app you have access to explore the topics further through links, videos, PDF’s, eBooks and more. Seek out our expert contributors—they are crushing it in their own fields, have made the mistakes and can help you along your path.

We should all be investing in ourselves and constantly be looking to improve our business skills, personal development and fuel the mind, body and soul. Health and fitness plays a substantial role in effectively helping to manage the demands of the entrepreneur lifestyle, so we cover that too.

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of new and future business around the world.You are creating great products and services while stimulating employment and the economy. You are solving problems, finding problems, providing solutions— and increasingly incorporating social consciousness into your operations. We need you!

Sometimes, being an entrepreneur can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s seek out others; join our community. I am taking this journey with you as I re-invent and live my dreams and passions.

We’d be honored to have you on the journey.

Live your Best Life now!


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