James Altucher – new book and report

Posted on March 11, 2015



I’ve been signed up to James blog for sometime now. This guy cracks me up…and he’s smart as hell. He’s got books and podcasts and is an idea man.

Serious street smarts and it would take me way to long to give you the background if you’ve never heard of him. I’ll let you check that out on your own and it’s partly why I’m posting this.

What I will say is that he’s made and lost millions many times…he’s bought, sold, lost and acquired more and varied business at 46 than most people will in a lifetime.

His posts come from the heart and his candid advice always is about what he believes or what worked or didn’t work for him. You may not agree and it may not work for you. No problem.

I liked his book Choose Yourself¬†and I don’t even feel a need to explain the title. His recent book is Choose Yourself for Wealth. Love this book.

James has started the Altucher Report and it’s a subscription based newsletter with lots of bonuses. The new book was a bonus with sign up and is the premise of the report. There are other book bonuses and I’m looking forward to the monthly newsletter.

I want to give you the highlights of what I gleaned from the book, but I suggest you buy it or get it with the report. I have nothing to gain but I thought it was 39.00 well spent so far!

  • ideas are linked to creating wealth
  • come up with 10 ideas every day ( see Claudia’s {his wife} book also w report )
  • ideas create seeds of abundance
  • get 1% better each week
  • give to your network
  • embrace his daily practice – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual
  • choose yourself with peace, abundance and gratitude
  • make your own choices or someone else will make them for you
  • watch comedians for tips on speaking
  • forget the excuses
  • validate yourself through your work
  • show people what saying yes will look like for them
  • write everyday
  • invest in yourself and your ideas…if they make sense (they all won’t – but you knew that)

Of course I could go on and on but the back stories and real life examples and his look towards 7 trends for the future I think are spot on. It’s interesting to get his perspective. if you read my posts here or on my E2mag site you’ll see I’m always quoting Peter Diamandis because he’s really got his pulse on the future too.

If you want to learn more about James and/or sign up for his blog or see about the report then check him out James Altucher or the Altucher Report