Mindvalley Toronto

I am extremely excited to announce that I am bringing Mindvalley to Toronto as a Master Certified Trainer.

Are you ready to Become Extraordinary?

How about Becoming Limitless!

Can you imagine your life filled with limitless possibilities, passion, and purpose! Where your mind is clear and focused on creating your dream life…the one you know you were meant to live.

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I am part of a group of 40 amazing individuals from around the world who will be expanding the Mindvalley mission in select cities. Here’s the group in Manhattan Beach California.


Mindvalley is a global education and learning experience company that attracts a tribe of like-minded visionaries, rebels, conscious creators and those that recognize the importance of all the important areas of life that traditional schooling forgot to teach you!

Ultimately the mission is to create a school of growth and humanity for 1 billion people!

Through our digital content platforms, online academy, mobile apps, live events and tribe memberships; we give you access to world class authors/teachers and the transformational knowledge that will empower you to expand your boundaries and unleash your true potential to live that extraordinary life on your own terms!

Mindvalley Toronto

Here in Toronto, I will be facilitating various activities that will bring the overall Mindvalley experience to the local community.

These will include:

  • local meetups
  • social gatherings
  • workshops/seminars
  • webinars
  • live events
  • speaking
  • coaching

I will be working and collaborating with 3 other Mindvalley Master Certified Trainers in Canada. Nitasha Sarin, also from Toronto…Tanja Powell from Vancouver and Michel-Pierre Huppe from Montreal

Tanya and Michel and me with Beatrice and Gilbert from Haiti.


Nitasha on the left with me and Alina from Mindvalley Kuala Lumpur and Diorella from Argentina.


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